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100% bio Mild surfactants


Bram Verboeket


April 2023




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100% bio Mild surfactants

The Sirius Effect:

100% organic surfactants that are gentle on the skin and hair. An ideal raw material for sustainable cosmetics and personal care products for normal and sensitive skin types and a replacement for the less mild surfactants such as SLES and SLS. An innovative product as you have come to expect from Sirius.

"Sirius introduces 100% biobased mild surfactants made from amino acids and sustainable vegetal raw materials"


Mild or strong surfactants

Surfactants, or surface active agents, are an important component of cleaning products, especially for the active removal of various types of stains. This applies to detergents and cleaning products, as well as to cosmetics and personal care products such as hand soap and shampoo. Commonly used surfactants are SLES and SLS, which can be produced from both petrochemical and biological raw materials. Examples of the latest category are Ethoxybrite SLES and Britens SLS from Sirius. However, a major drawback of SLES and SLS is irritation to skin and eyes. Mild surfactants have many advantages over strong surfactants such as SLES and SLS, especially for applications in cosmetics and personal care products. Mild surfactants are not irritating to skin and eyes. They leave the skin's natural oily layer intact, which feels much more pleasant to consumers, most certainly to persons with normal or sensitive skin.


Natural products

However, until recently few mild surfactants were available, and even less mild surfactants that are 100% organic. One of the few options was 100% organic alkyl poly glucosides, as Sirius also has available (Britens APG). Fortunately, that has now changed.

Sirius has expanded its portfolio with a number of mild surfactants that are sulfate-free, ethoxylate-free and 100% organic. Sirius is therefore a frontrunner with these types. Our surfactants consist of a combination of a natural amino acid with a natural fatty tail. This fatty tail is based on coconut oil or palm kernel oil, which is RSPO certified. In both cases it concerns vegetable oils, which are produced without intervening in the food chain. These are combined with natural amino acids alanine, glycine or glutamine, and are available as Britens Alaninate, Britens Glutamate and Britens Glycinate.


Certified and easy to fit

All our products are RSPO certified and qualify for the ECOCERT COSMOS quality mark for sustainable cosmetics. Britens Glutamate is available in both solid and liquid form. It is a hydrotropic substance, which means that it increases the solubility of other organic substances. Britens Glutamate is pH skin neutral. Britens Glycinate works better at a slightly higher pH and is available in solid and liquid form. This surfactant can also be used as a hydrotropic substance. Britens Alaninate is only available in liquid form and has no hydrotropic properties. As a result, Britens Alaninate has a thickening effect, which can offer an added value to some products. Due to this combination of properties, you will discover that you hardly need to adjust your production process when you replace your strong or petrochemical mild surfactants with these 100% bio-based mild surfactants.



Are you curious what these products can do for you an do you want to make your personal care or cosmetics products milder and use 100% organic raw materials? Are you going along with the trend, which you will see more and more around you?

Contact us if you want to know more about the possibilities for your company or request test samples.


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