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Platform for innovative raw materials


Gerwin Elzinga


January 2024


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Platform for innovative raw materials

The Sirius Effect:


Since joining the Azelis Group in June 2023 its clear to all that Sirius International allows our sales teams to make an even greater impact with the innovative and sustainable raw materials that Sirius sells and develops. Its’s now easier than ever to test new sustainable raw materials in the final formulations and this allows us to bring them to market more quickly and widely.

The Sirius effect is spreading more and more.



"Sirius and Azelis join forces "


Since June 1st 2023 Sirius International has been part of the Azelis Group. The Azelis Group is a major provider of innovation services in specialty chemicals and food ingredients with operations in more than 41 countries. With Sirius International the listed Azelis Group now has a strong player in the field of sustainable raw materials for detergents and cleaning products, industrial cleaning, water treatment and personal care products.


Innovation on molecules

Both companies complement each other wonderfully. “At Azelis, sustainable innovation is central with strong support in the field of application know-how, while at Sirius International it is more about 'innovation of molecules',” says Jelle Storme, Market Segment Manager at Azelis Benelux. This 'innovation of molecules' means that Sirius has a lot of expertise in the field of sustainable chemistry, to make products biodegradable, 100% natural and recyclable. That is why Sirius' product portfolio includes a large number of sustainable raw materials that can be used as an alternative to petrochemical raw materials. Examples of this can be found in the Ethoxybrite range and the Briteframe range. Sirius is also committed to think, together with customers, about the future sustainability of a product and developing the necessary new raw materials for this. “This is a very valuable addition for Azelis, because it allows us to offer our customers even more in the field of sustainability and also to think and develop in this regard. I expect that we can also extend the Sirius effect to other market segments in the medium term," says Jelle Storme.


Innovation by application

Azelis has a very extensive product portfolio in all segments including sustainable raw materials. An example of this, are the more sustainable solvents that Azelis offers to the market. Azelis is a company that focuses on 'innovation through formulation'. For this reason, Azelis has no fewer than sixty-eight formulation and application support laboratories. In these labs, customers can get help with formulation development and testing that allows them to optimize the raw materials in their final formulation. “That is a great addition for our customers,” says Gerwin Elzinga, chemist and commercial manager at Sirius International, enthusiastically. “When we come up with a new product, our customers often ask for test results in their application. We were often unable to help them with that. In many cases, such a product was developed in collaboration with a customer, which meant that the test results were confidential. Thanks to our affiliation with the Azelis Group we can now offer our customers testing in one of the Azelis laboratories and we are very happy about that.”


New products faster and more extensively on the market

For Sirius International joining the Azelis Group also means that the company can market new products much faster and more widely. “We now have a platform that allows us to have much more impact on the market with our products,” says Gerwin Elzinga enthusiastically. Ultimately, this also means that new ideas for sustainable raw materials are more promising for more customers. That is not only good for Sirius and Azelis and their customers, but ultimately better for our planet.


Want to test it yourself?

Are you getting excited about all the new possibilities that this creates and are your ideas already starting to bubble up? Would you perhaps like to discuss ideas on making your product more sustainable or find out more about the possibilities of testing your own formulation with one of our sustainable raw materials?

Please feel free to contact us!


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