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Water treatment


Herbert Hofman


October 2023


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Water treatment

The Sirius Effect:


In industrial installations where cooling water and waste water are used, it is necessary to add anti-scaling agents to prevent scaling and corrosion formation. Sirius International offers various variants that are phosphorus and nitrogen free and biodegradable.


"purifying and softening water to enable surface protection in industrial applications"


When water is used in industrial installations it is essential to prevent scaling and corrosion. Water contains ions such as calcium and magnesium that can form deposits. In open systems, contaminants such as sand, clay and bacteria can also end up in the water and algae growth can occur in installations. For heat exchangers to function properly, the addition of anti-scaling agent is necessary.

In order to ultimately drain this water as cleanly as possible, it is important that the anti-scaling agents used themselves are not harmful to the environment. Unfortunately, this is still a challenge in practice.

The classic and most commonly used anti-scaling agents are of course the product groups that Sirius has traditionally has in its range, such as;

  1. Citribrite’s ; Citric acids that dissolve the Ca, Mg, carbonates, sulphates and silicates
  2. Polymers ; Polymers that disperse the Ca, Mg, (Ca-, Ba-) carbonate,(Ca-, Ba) sulfate, silicate and other cationic and anionic ions, so that they can no longer precipitate.
  3. Britequest's and Britephos are very effective chelates but the use of phosph(on)ates ultimately returns them to the water and causes eutrophication.

Phosphorus-free, nitrogen-free and biodegradable

Another option is anti-scaling agents that are phosphorus-free, nitrogen-free and biodegradable from Sirius International. The first to be included here are the Briteframe GLDA and Briteframe MGDA chelates and are therefore often seen as replacements for phosphonates while they are phosphate-free and biodegradable.


But what we especially want to draw your attention to, are Sirius' products Briteframe PESA, Briteframe AQn and Briteframe PASP, which can replace polyacrylates and where the effect of Briteframe AQn is also comparable to that of phosphonates.

Briteframe PASP is a Polyaspartic polymer that is an effective scale, corrosion inhibitor and dispersant that is phosphorus-free and biodegradable. Not only is the product available as a PASP-40% solution, but Sirius also manages to deliver a free-flowing, stable granulate.

Briteframe PESA, is a succine polymer of which Sirius has also developed a unique stable free-flowing granulate in addition to the 40% solution. This product is phosphorus-free, nitrogen-free and biodegradable. PESA, like PASP, is an effective scale, corrosion inhibitor and dispersant.

Our latest innovation is Briteframe AQn, a succine polymer in which the structure of PESA is combined with strong chelate groups, which means that cations are captured even more effectively. This polymer itself is highly biodegradable and again free of phosphorus and nitrogen. For the Briteframe AQn, in addition to a 50% solution, a stable granulate is available. Together with Briteframe PESA and Briteframe PASP, Sirius has three unique and effective “green” products that work as scale and corrosion inhibitors in water treatment applications.


Motivation to switch

It can of course be a challenge for companies that these types of steps in sustainability entail costs, while they are hardly visible to consumers. Yet there are good reasons to get started with this. In recent years, consumers have paid increasing attention to life cycle analyses, which take into account all aspects of the life cycle of a product, including matters such as water treatment. Moreover, there is more and more government regulation in this area, especially in Europe in the context of the Green Deal. It is therefore expected that the government will increasingly demand transparency, also with regard to waste flows. As a company, it is wise to be prepared for this now and to take measures that you as a company can be proud of.


Curious about the possibilities for your company? Please feel free to contact us for more information or to request some test samples. We like to think along with you!


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