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Leo Verboeket


February 2021


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Sirius is a member of the Association of Traders in Chemical Products

The VHCP represents the interests of Dutch companies engaged in the trade and distribution of chemical products. The VHCP is committed to increasing safety for people and the environment and a favorable business climate.

The members of the VHCP include formulators, wholesalers, distributors, resellers, importers, exporters, producers commission agents, sales offices of the chemical industry and logistics service providers.

"The chemistry of connecting"


Sirius is a member of the VHCP and is already considered such to:

What counts is the collective. This makes optimal representation of interests possible. Together, as much support as possible can be created to exert influence and to handle developments proactively. That is why the VHCP also considers collaboration with other (sector) organizations to be crucial. For example, the VHCP is internationally affiliated with the European association FECC, which in turn is affiliated with the worldwide association ICCTA.

In the Netherlands, there is intensive cooperation with the VNCI, such as for the Responsible Care program. To this end, a partnership was concluded in 1997 to jointly improve safety, health and the environment. This agreement was renewed in 2009 because, in addition to the addition of the Global Charter, the program has been expanded to include sustainability, transparency, improved chain management and consistency. The VHCP also works together with the Platform Biocides and numerous other industry organizations.

The VHCP, together with other chemical industry associations, has taken the initiative for Safety First. This is an action plan to further improve safety in companies that work with hazardous substances on a large scale.

Moreover, a youth branch has sprung from the VHCP, called the Youth in Chemistry. This is a platform aimed at Young Professionals working in the production, trade, storage and / or transport of chemical products in the Netherlands and Belgium.



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