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January 2020




Sirius is a member of the SEPAWA that is an autonomous, independent, professional association with members from all sectors of the chemical industry.

Specialists in the technical, scientific or commercial field from private companies, government institutions, scientific institutes, universities and colleges. The SEPAWA platform is used for the exchange of information, for attending lectures on legislation, marketing, environment, raw materials and production technologies, for networks, etc.


SEPAWA Benelux originated from the German association and dates back to 1800. Its direct predecessor is the soap makers association, which was the first craft association founded in 1755 in Munich. Later it was transformed into the association of soap makers and perfumers.

It was not until the 1950s, with the emergence of modern detergents, that it became necessary to reform the association and expand it to all the new technologies entering the sector. In this way, the SEPAWA was born in 1954 in Ludwigshafen from the soap makers association.

The SEPAWA has continued to grow strongly over the past fifty years.
With more than 1200 members, the SEPAWA is one of the largest specialized trade unions in Europe.

Since its originate, the Sepawa Benelux has grown into the platform for people who are directly or indirectly involved in the detergents, cosmetics or perfume industry. This may be seen in the widest possible sense. Government services or interest groups may also be interested and are often present at the activities.

SEPAWA is actively supported by both SMEs and large international companies.



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