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BritePro non-GMO probiotics


Gerwin Elzinga


December 2023


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BritePro non-GMO probiotics

The Sirius Effect:


Why make it difficult when it can be easy? Safe cleaning with probiotics means a different way of cleaning that requires much less effort. BritePro Bioactive non GMO probiotics from Sirius International are ideal for more challenging cleaning jobs, such as cleaning a floor with deep grooves or removing urine odors caused by pets. And that is 100% organic and with probiotics without GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). That is the Sirius effect.

"Safe cleaning with probiotics"


Probiotics are bacteria that have a positive effect. Most consumers know probiotics mainly from nutritional supplements, where various products are sold that contain good bacteria to give their intestinal flora a positive boost. But bacteria can be used positively in many more ways. One of the newest forms is used in the cleaning industry. There are a number of bacteria that can be put to use as little  microscopic cleaning machines, such as the probiotics in BritePro Bioactive non GMO from Sirius International.


Purifying bacteria

How does that work? Probiotic cleaning products contain a mix of spores of bacteria. These are actually bacteria in hibernation mode. When they come in contact with nutrients in a moist environment, the bacteria become active. This concerns nutrients such as proteins, fats or carbohydrates. Precisely the components of the dirt that need to be cleaned. The bacteria multiply themselves and secrete enzymes to break down this dirt so that they can actually eat it. Once nutrients are no longer present, the bacteria die, leaving nothing but water and air.


Effective down to the last detail

The big advantage of probiotics is that they can clean surfaces very effectively without you having to scrub and polish them yourself. Moreover, they work for a long time. As long as nutrients are still present, they continue as normal and because they are so small they can also clean all the little seams and holes that you normally can't reach. It is also an ideal solution to make bad odors disappear such as the smell from a waste bin or urine odors caused by a dog or cat.


Cleaning while you sleep

Cleaning with probiotics does require a different way of working. “For example, if you want to use this to clean the floor of the canteen, you should not do this in the morning or sometime during the day, but at the end of the day just before you go home. Then you scrub everything with your probiotic cleaning product. At night, the probiotics have time to clean everything after first needing an hour to become active. When you return the next day all the bacteria have disappeared and everything is perfectly clean,” says Gerwin Elzinga, commercial manager at Sirius International.


From canteen floor to sports detergent

Probiotics are therefore very suitable for cleaning floors in, for example, canteens and hospitals. But there are many more applications possible ranging from products for cleaning ventilation filters, toilet cleaners, sink plunger sticks and products for cleaning and reducing the odor of septic tanks and waste containers. One of the latest applications is a sports detergent that contains probiotics to remove sweat odor from sportswear.


100% non-GMO

Because it is never possible to completely prevent probiotics from ending up in nature Sirius International finds it very important that all bacteria used are GMO-free. There are no known studies on the possible consequences of GMO probiotics for nature in the long term. To prevent problems Sirius chooses the most natural way.


Accessible entry-level product

Are you curious about the possibilities of probiotics for your company? Because of the different approach it may be useful to start with an accessible entry-level product. A good example for this is a spray to remove pet urine odors from, for example carpets in which the probiotics can be mixed with a deodorizer. This creates a two-stage solution; the unpleasant odor is gone immediately and the source of the odor is then also removed! But there are many other interesting options.

Feel free to send us a message to test how well these probiotics work!


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