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optical brighteners / Stilbene


CAS no.:4193-55-9

EINECS no.. :224-073-5



Britemax BA550 is an optical brightener used in detergents, paper and textiles, especially when dissolved in water. Optical brighteners are fluorescent substances that absorb light with colors such as brown and gray and emit blue and yellow light. In this way even smeared surfaces appear brighter.Britemax BA550 is available as a solid and in dissolved form; each with its own fluorescence (a measure called extinction). It is one of the most active optical brighteners.

Compared to Britemax CBS-X (10%) and Britemax DMS-X (10%), Britemax BA550 on a dry basis has higher solubility (23%) and higher extinction than the equivalent solid Britemax DMS-X.

Synonyms: Disodium 4,4'-bis [6-anilino- [4- [bis (2-hydroxyethyl) amino] -1,3,5-triazin-2-yl] amino] stilbene 2,2'-disulfonate, OBA-28, OBA-NL (solution)




Britemax BA550 has an extinction coefficient of 530 and higher. This is the ratio between incoming and emitted light.


Britemax BA550 solid: 20kg and 25kg bag in carton box, 250-300-350-400-500-1000-1100kg big bag, 24mt in silo truck (bulk)
Britemax BA550 solution: 250kg drum, 1000kg IBC

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Optical whiteners, Britemax, are fluorescents or molecules that absorb wavelengths of dark colors and UV-light. The result is that an electron in the fluorescent molecule is excited to a higher energy level. When that electron fallsback, it sends out a photon; aka energy in the form of light. The wavelength of this emitted light is different from the absorbed light. At any given moment there are many electrons being excited and many falling back; the light emission is continuous. Every fluorescent emits a different color.


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