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polymers / Homo-, Co-, Ter- Polyacrylate


CAS no.:9003-04-7

EINECS no.. :polymer



Poly Acrylic Acid Sodium

Briteframe PAAS avoids scaling of CaCO3, Ca3(PO4)2, CaSO4 and other sediments. It remains functional in high concentrations and high alkaline environment. Briteframe PAAS is applied in cooling water, paper production, textile weaving and dyeing, ceramics and coatings.

Synonyms: Poly acrylate sodium; Sodium salt of poly acrylic acid


Preferred dosage is between 2 and 15 mg/liter in water treatment.


Packaging 50% solution:               
25liter jerrycans, 250kg (200liter) drums, 1250kg (1000liter) IBC
Packaging powder:    
25kg bags, 1000kg bigbags

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