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polymers / Homo-, Co-, Ter- Polyacrylate


CAS no.:26677-99-6

EINECS no.. :



Copolymer of Maleic acid and Acrylic acid

Briteframe MA-AA 50% is a low molecular weight poly electrolyte. It disperses carbonates and phosphates. It is thermally stable up to 300oC and is compatible with all other water treatment agents. Applications are low pressure boiler, central heating, central air conditioning, and circulation cooling systems.
Briteframe MA/AA is also used as sequestering agent in detergents and as a chelating dispersant in textile dyeing inhibiting color transfer.


Mw = 600-1000
When used  in an anti scaling system also containing phosphonics, the recommended dosage for Briteframe MA/AA is 2-10mg/liter. 
In detergents the recommended dosage is up from 2%.


25liter jerrycans, 250kg (200liter) drums, 1250kg (1000liter) IBC, 24mt ISO tank container (bulk)
Lead time:        
6 weeks

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Water treatment is a balancing act of chemistry and temperature. Maintaining the pH and keeping all of the dissolved minerals in solution at temperatures where they would ordinarily precipitate out is no easy feat. Scale buildup can be costly, and not just because it makes heat exchange less efficient. It can interfere with the laminar flow of water and the movement of turbines, and if extreme enough can cause shutdowns and costly repairs and/or replacements.


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The Sirius Effect: For a long time, phosphates and phosphonates were considered inevitable in water treatment. They were the best water softeners and anti scalants available. Nothing else could come close to solubilizing those pesky cation the way phosph(on)ates could.  But now a new product is available, which shrinks the gap between undegradable phosph(on)ates and biodegradable, phosphor-free alternatives to the smallest it’s ever been. Readily degradable, dispersing and chelating Briteframe AQn is the latest addition to Sirius’s product line. And with the coming of new EU restrictions for phosph(on)ates, the timing could not be better.


Briteframe AQn - biodegradable antiscalants

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